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Dave Sivers

Dave Sivers is a British crime fiction author whose books include the popular Archer and Baines novels and the DI Nathan Quarrel series. Dave was born and raised in West London, but now lives in a beautiful corner of Buckinghamshire, where many of the books are set. He is co-founder of the annual BeaconLit book festival.

 ‘A clammy and atmospheric read...  immaculately crafted, brutal, and unflinching.’  The Coy Caterpillar Reads

Praise & Reviews

‘A gripping police procedural that is riveting, gruesome and down right addictive!’
Books by Bindu

‘A real page-turner - and there's a fabulous twist in the ending too'

Tring Living

New Release

In Ice: a terrifying, twisty serial killer chiller.

‘As dark, gritty and chilling as it gets.  Keep the lights on!’ – Liz Mistry


An anonymous call leads DI Nathan Quarrel and his team to a secluded house in a Hertfordshire village and a horrific discovery: three chest freezers containing the naked bodies of five women. 


It becomes frighteningly clear that a sadistic serial killer has been at work, probably over a long period of time.  And the discoveries at what the media is calling a 'house of horrors' may not stop the killer, or even slow them down. Indeed, they may already have targeted their next victim. 

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