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The Scars Beneath the Soul

Archer and Baines Book 1

In a quiet market town in Buckinghamshire, a brutal killer strikes, shattering any illusions Detective Inspector Lizzie Archer might have had about her new patch in Aylesbury Vale being a sleepy hollow. Disfigured in the line of duty, she has transferred in from the Met, hoping to make a fresh start in her life and her career. 

Detective Sergeant Dan Baines bears scars of his own, the kind that cannot be seen. Eleven years ago, his family fell victim to a serial killer. Haunted by dreams and visions of his still-missing son, he finds himself resenting a new boss who knows nothing about the area.

But Archer and Baines must put aside their differences and work together if they are to stop a maniac whose appetite for slaughter seemingly knows no bounds.


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Dead in Deep Water

Archer and Baines Book 2

When a teenage Olympic swimming hopeful is found drowned in a water-filled disused quarry in Buckinghamshire, it looks as if fears that the local swimming hole was an accident waiting to happen have been fulfilled in the worst possible way.

A few days later, a small-time thief turns up dead on an allotments site a few miles away. Thefts from Aylesbury Vale allotments have been rife, and now it seems that an elderly vigilante may have made good on his threats to take matters into his own hands.

As Detective Inspector Lizzie Archer and Detective Sergeant Dan Baines investigate, they realise that neither case quite adds up. The truth is much darker than they could have imagined.

And some people will go to any lengths to make sure the truth stays buried.

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Evil Unseen

Archer and Baines Book 3

A reformed teenage gang leader is gunned down in cold blood and an angry DS Dan Baines, who knew the victim well, reckons he knows who is responsible. But his boss, DI Lizzie Archer, wants to know the identity of the mystery man who died with him – and whether he was intended victim or innocent bystander.

When an officer from the National Crime Agency turns up and declares the case off limits to Archer and her team, its clear that there is more going on than meets the eye. Several conflicting agendas are in play and the body count is rising.

And Archer and Baines realise that the only people they can truly trust are each other.

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The Blood That Binds

Archer and Baines Book 4

The quiet Buckinghamshire village of Houghton is reeling. Soon after twelve year old Leanne Richards is killed by a hit and run driver, the two classmates who were with her that night disappear, one by one.

Jade and Becky said they couldn’t identify the car or the driver. Does someone want to make sure it stays that way? Or are other, darker motives in play?

As DI Lizzie Archer and DS Dan Baines search for the truth, buried pasts and secret loves begin to reveal themselves. But is time running out for the girls? Or is it already too late?

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Too Long Gone

Archer and Baines Book 5

After an explosion rips through a block of flats in a Buckinghamshire town, investigators make a grisly discovery.Even as DI Lizzie Archer, DS Dan Baines and their team attempt to identify the body that has lain buried in concrete for more than a decade, a much fresher corpse turns up on the notorious Northfields Estate. Reading gangster Kit Meredith looks like the first victim in a cross-county gang war that threatens to use Aylesbury Vale as its battleground.

As Archer and Baines struggle with both cases, and the body count rises, they have to face personal demons and make tough choices, with the stakes higher than they've ever been.


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Die in the Dark

Archer and Baines Book 6

A rainy night in Buckinghamshire. A vicious homophobic attack in the centre of Aylesbury sees the start of a new investigation for detectives Lizzie Archer and Dan Baines. As they search for answers, another woman is found left for dead, her partner missing – and this time the victims are closer to home for the team.

Amid a desperate race to find the missing woman, Baines finds himself once again confronted by the demons he hoped he was finally putting behind him. It’s a distraction that could cost him his sanity – and a friend her life.

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In Ink

DI Nathan Quarrel Book 1

A body is found outside a church in a small Hertfordshire town. Alastair Murdoch suffered before he died. But what really disturbs DI Nathan Quarrel is the Tarot card motif adorning the body: The Fool.

Just 24 hours later, another body turns up.A different card, but from the same pack.

Unless Quarrel can decipher the meaning behind the cards and the connection between the victims, more will follow in a twisted agenda of abduction, pain and death.

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In Ice

DI Nathan Quarrel Book 2

An anonymous call leads DI Nathan Quarrel and his team to a secluded house in a Hertfordshire village and a horrific discovery: three chest freezers containing the naked bodies of five women.


As the painstaking business of identifying the apparently unconnected victims gets underway, it becomes frighteningly clear that a sadistic serial killer has been at work, probably over a long period of time.

With no strong suspects, and no leads, unmasking the killer takes on a new urgency. Because the discoveries at what the media is calling a 'house of horrors' may not stop the killer, or even slow them down. Indeed, they may already have targeted their next victim.

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A Sorcerer Slain

The Lowmar Dashiel Mysteries Volume 1

For nine hundred years, the Guild of Sorcerers has maintained an uneasy peace between magic users in the kingdom of Balimar. Now Carnen, the Sorcerer Supreme and head of the Guild, has been murdered, and his named successor, Zarna, is the prime suspect. If she is found guilty, Balimar could be torn apart by a new and terrifying conflict. With everyone seemingly having an agenda, the King turns to an unlikely source of help. And personal inquisitor Lowmar Dashiel finds himself in a race against time to solve the case, prevent a war and save the life of the woman he loves.

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Inquisitor Royal

The Lowmar Dashiel Mysteries Volume 2

In Balimar’s capital, Andruan, a sadistic killer is stalking a terrified dwarf community. Meanwhile, with plans underway to celebrate the birth of a new heir to the throne, a mysterious assassin threatens the royal family.


With the militia making no headway, the King turns once again to personal inquisitor Lowmar Dashiel. He and his dwarf sidekick, Grishen, soon find themselves up to their necks in both cases - but not before Dashiel narrowly escapes an attempt on his own life.


Is the attack on Dashiel linked to one of the cases he is investigating? Or is one of Dashiel’s many enemies seeking revenge?

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Dark and Deep

Ten Coffee Break Short stories

Serial killers, revenge seekers, trained assassins, and a rather sinister teddy bear... they’re all here in this chilling little collection of coffee break crime stories. There are ten in total - enough to get you through a fortnight of mid-morning coffee breaks.

Many of the tales will have your hair standing on end, but the author’s grim brand of humour is never far away.
So put the kettle on, break out the biscuits, and prepare to visit some dark places.

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